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Virus concerns and Market Correction. Our cash out refy's are QUICK!!! The ORIGINAL and LONGEST RUNNING ONLINE MORTGAGES IN COLORADO since 1999! AFLAC Covid-19 Disability and Hospital Protection on Group Policies of just 3 or more! Very Affordable!

We originate CONVENTIONAL loans up to $765,600 in EVERY COUNTY IN COLORADO! Best in Term Life Insurance! Shop and save! AFLAC Insurance Dental, Vision, Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke While you recover Insurance Fast Cash! 720-775-9866 Direct


UWM Top Originator

"The ORIGINAL and LONGEST RUNNING online mortgages in Arizona and Colorado"
All Online since 1999! Our 20th year!
Best in rates, TurboFast Closings! Also very affordable Term and Whole Life Policies, Long Term Care Protection with FIXED premiums others don't offer!

My promise to you! FAST CLOSINGS at the Lowest rates and closing costs!

Colorado's Best and Fastest Mortgages since 1999!!!
* Plus Third Party Fees, Title, and Pre-paids.

Desert Equity Lending, LLC MB-0906989


Think you should qualify for a mortgage in Colorado but you can't? We have many solutions! . 12 and 24 month Bank Statement only loans. No tax returns or W's required! Close in LLC OK!
3. "NO DOC" Investment loans. Perfect for Investors! 70 per cent LTV for cash out. 75 per cent for rate and term
4. NON WARRANTABLE CONDO loans. These are hard to find, but we have them!

In need of financial retirement protection? My Whole Life and Hybrid Long Term Care policies are among the tops in the Industry! Underwritten by One America and State Life Insurance Companies, a 140 year old A plus rated by all the rating services . Premiums guaranteed never to increase, and cash surrender buildup grows quickly with guaranteed generous interest rate of return , I have one of each with One America and State Life myself! I would never consider not having Whole life and Long Term Care Policies in my Financial Profile. Licensed in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona for these products .
Conventional loan and Government loan leader in Colorado!
Our FHA and FHA High Balance Loans, as well as VA and VA High Balance loans, are among the best rates in the USA!
Our ELITE FHA FHA HIGH BALANCE, VA, VA HIGH BALANCE LOANS now go down to a 660 credit score for the best available rates and lowest closing costs !
Long Term Care Policies with FIXED premiums, and a death benefit and return of premiums if not used, Fixed annuities that generate monthly income, Whole life with great guaranteed, fixed cash surrender value! Also Appointed Aflac Agent!

Life, Health, Long Term Care Licensed Agent in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona! I offer the most affordable term life insurance, Whole Life with a great fixed, guaranteed cash value, Long term care Insurance with a FIXED low premium that won't go up. Colorado, Utah, and Arizona


Ted Folsom

Colorado MLO License Number - 100046034

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Updated on April 8, 2020 10:16:17 AM EDT

Today’s only potentially relevant events will take place during afternoon trading. The 10-year Treasury Note sale is today with results being posted at 1:00 PM ET. If investor demand for the securities was strong, the bond market could rally after those results are announced. On the other hand, auctions met with a lackluster interest often cause enough of a move in bonds to create an upward revision in mortgage pricing.

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